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Innovative & quality outdoor education experiences.
Our comprehensive educational programs provide a foundation of knowledge, practical skills, and certifications.


Regular skills development, guided paddling adventures & expedition planning.


Skills development courses, Paddle Australia certifications & personal training & coaching.


To keep safe on the water we offer training & education, and navigation & trip planning.

Welcome to All About Paddling

Embark on a journey with All About Paddling, your gateway to holistic and exhilarating paddling experiences. Nestled in the heart of Brisbane, Australia, we are pioneers in outdoor education, specialising in kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding and all paddle craft.

Our Mission: Empowerment Through Exploration

At All About Paddling, we’re not just about paddling; we’re about empowerment. Our mission is clear: to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to explore the beautiful waterways of Queensland and beyond. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, we are your guides on a transformative journey.

What Sets Us Apart: More Than Just Paddling

Discover the All About Paddling difference, a holistic approach that goes beyond technical skills. We believe in creating a community of confident and knowledgeable paddlers who not only thrive in their paddling pursuits but also appreciate nature-based adventure, personal growth, and the joy of like-minded companionship.

Allana Bold

Owner of All About Paddling
Paddle Instructor Extraordinaire

Explore Our Services

Our services aren’t just about paddling; they’re about crafting experiences that resonate with paddlers of all backgrounds. Whether you’re taking your first paddle or seeking to master advanced techniques on a range of water craft, our services invite you to join a community that thrives on the joy of exploration, learning, and the camaraderie of like-minded adventurers. Let’s paddle together.



All About SAFETY

Empowering Paddlers & Inspiring Confidence

At All About Paddling, we are the pioneers in providing innovative and quality outdoor education experiences in Brisbane, Australia. Our mission is to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to explore the beautiful waterways of Queensland and beyond. We don’t let distance stop us; we’re ready to travel to where the job is, bringing our expertise and passion for paddling to you.

  • We’re All About Adventure: Experience the thrill of paddling and unlock your adventurous spirit. Discover breathtaking landscapes, build fitness with regular sessions and push your limits with our guided adventures.
  • We’re All About Safety: Your safety is our top priority. Learn essential safety practices, navigation skills, and trip planning techniques to ensure that every paddling adventure is both exhilarating and safe.

  • We’re All About Education: We believe in holistic learning and personal growth. Our comprehensive educational programs provide a foundation of knowledge, practical skills, and certifications, empowering you to become a confident and responsible paddler.


Step into the world of All About Paddling through the eyes and words of our paddlers. In this space, we proudly present the authentic testimonials and stories of those who have embarked on paddling adventures with us. Hear firsthand about the transformative experiences, the joy of exploration, and the sense of community that defines All About Paddling. Let the voices of our paddlers inspire your own journey and discover the impact of paddling with passion and purpose.

Allana Bold has worked with the Anglican Church Grammar School on our Year 10 Outdoor Education Programme taking 16 students sea kayaking through the Pumicestone Passage over five days. Her professionalism combined with a larger than life enthusiasm hits you straight away. This programme is designed to allow students towards independence, where they are to take on more responsibility as they progress. We were impressed by Allana’s preparation, knowledge of paddling and commitment to engage the students to make for a smooth journey filled with excitement, age-appropriate challenges and education-focused learning outcomes. Her ability to mentor and teach these students was noted in the student’s feedback, who repeatedly thanked her for the experience, her knowledge and for allowing them the freedom to learn for themselves. We look forward to this years programme and are delighted to have Allana involved again this year.

Jared Crunkhorn Anglican Church Grammar School

Allana has trained all the entire team of Occupational Therapists at Jump Up For Kids. She was patient and knowledgeable and was really able to tailor our training based on our previous experience and also what we were aiming for in terms of service delivery. Not only that but Allana made the training fun (so many laughs) and worked with the equipment we had available. Everything Allana demonstrated, all the knowledge she shared and her encouragement to get our practical hours done, now means we are able to offer a canoeing program to many children with a broad range of diagnosis and disability). There are already so many positives from this program...increased strength and endurance, better ability to calm and focus, improved social skills and improved resilience. Allana continues to provide advice and support as we need it. Without Allana the canoeing program at Jump Up For Kids would not have got off the ground!

Madeline Avci Madeline Avci

Allana translates her passion and love for kayaking through her guidance as an instructor. She continuously encourages students and challenges them to try their best. Her kind-hearted nature allows people to feel comfortable to participate and gives them a willingness to extend their abilities. Allana's knowledge - from race kayaking techniques, to using weather charts for sea kayaking, allows all to experience a variety of paddling and most importantly lets them have fun. Personally, Allana is the best instructor that I have ever come across and been trained by, she constantly is enthusiastic about the sport and always has something new to share. I am now developing my paddling leadership skills by being mentored by Allana as an assistant coach at Lourdes Hill College.

Ella Dickson Lourdes Hill College

If you want to learn the basics or become a pro, Allana has the skills and abilities to assist. This shows in the way, paddles, boats and accessories can, have and will be adapted for best fit for you. Allana has a humorous personality that enables the “skill sets” to make you feel comfortable, but uncomfortable enough to want to perform at a higher standard. I still think if Allana told me I could walk on water I would be able to. Safety is a key factor in the way active participation is encouraged; both on and off the water. Allana was on the water before she was born. This shows with the wealth of knowledge that is readily imparted, and her willingness to do the same. I am keen for the next chapter to start - theory and improving my skills.

Popi Rawlinson

Allana Bold has been part of the LHC program for past 7 years and has lifted our program to the strength and calibre that it is today. Allana is an extremely qualified, knowledgeable and passionate paddler who encourages our students to enjoy the waterways, increase their knowledge of the surrounding environment, but most importantly, relax and enjoy their paddling experience. Our students are engaged and dedicated to both recreational paddling and racing, and Allana has been an integral part of the growth and quality of our program.

Sherelle Reid Lourdes Hill College

Allana is an amazing instructor We came to Allana over 12 months ago with no experience at all. My wife Popi has a disability; having limited strength in her left side and left foot. Allana took on the challenge and has developed us both to be safe and confident on the water and to plan our own trips. With her guidance we have been able to select modified kayaks to compensate for my wife’s disability allowing Popi to solo control and paddle her own kayak. What a joy and what fun that is for us.

Steven Rawlinson

Allana Bold is a wonderful instructor. She ensures that everyone feels comfortable and has a clear understanding of what is required for both the theory and practical sessions. Allana makes all her students feel welcome and keen to learn. She is extremely knowledgeable and approachable which made the course enjoyable. There was a good variety of theory and practical throughout the day. I walked away from the course feeling more confident in my ability to teach Kayaking to my upcoming groups as a direct result of Allana’s teaching style. Thank you and I highly recommend her as an instructor.

Kim Brumby Runaway Bay Sport & Leadership Excellence Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to commonly asked questions about our paddling adventures, educational programs, and safety measures to make the most out of your All About Paddling experience.

No, you can use our equipment. We have a wide range of canoes and kayaks to suit all ages and abilities.

You're also welcome to use your own equipment, providing it is suitable for the educational outcome and it must be seaworthy. If you're unsure, feel free to get in touch.

We provide a variety of paddling adventures, including regular skills development sessions, guided multi-day adventures, and assistance with planning personal expeditions.

You can join our regular skills development sessions by checking our schedule which is published on our website or by getting in contact with us. We welcome individuals of all skill levels, abilities and ages.

Get in touch with All About Paddling if you have any more questions.

Our programs go beyond technical skills, focusing on holistic learning, personal growth, and obtaining recognised certifications. We aim to empower paddlers to become confident and responsible.

We offer structured skills development courses that lead to certifications. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced paddler, our courses cater to various skill levels. Our courses and trainers are accredited and recognised by Paddle Australia, the leading education and course provider in Australia.

Yes, we offer personalised coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our experienced instructors will help you refine your technique and achieve your paddling aspirations.

Your safety is our top priority. We provide specialised safety training programs covering water safety, rescue techniques, weather conditions and emergency preparedness. Additionally, we emphasise navigation and trip-planning skills.

All About Paddling offers expedition planning support for both solo and group adventures. Allana provides expertise and resources to help you plan and execute a successful paddling expedition.

Absolutely. All About Paddling fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds are welcome and respected. Our community is built on mutual respect and a shared love for paddling.

Absolutely! Our programs offer the opportunity to earn Paddle Australia certifications for a range of watercraft, ensuring that you receive accredited and recognised qualifications. Paddle Australia certifications demonstrate your proficiency and adherence to the highest standards in paddling education. We are committed to providing comprehensive training that empowers you to become a certified and skilled paddler across different watercraft disciplines.

Yes, get in touch to discuss how we can tailor a course to meet your specific outcomes. With over 19 years of experience, we can help.


At All About Paddling, our commitment to excellence shines through our memberships in not just one, but multiple respected organisations throughout Australia. These connections aren’t just about credentials; they’re about being part of something bigger. When you paddle with us, you’re not just gaining skills; you’re joining a community that shares your love for paddling, adventure, and the great outdoors.

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